Aha React-16 (WIP)

This is a research blog about things that are new with react-16 will be updated daily as I will try to add something everyday and when I think I have covered what I could I will delete this first paragraph.

Well for purpose of experimentation I have used (create-react-app) to create a react app. It gave react 16 u can also check here how to add react-16 in ur app.

  1. react-addons-shallow-compare
  2. react-addons-css-transition-group
  3. react-addons-pure-render-mixin

these addons are now gone from react/react-dom code I think they will be published separately now with there code


earlier also they were separate packages but all they did was to import there part from react or react-dom packages and export them globally so basically this makes react library code smaller in some sense but to properly use its features u need these dependencies separately.

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