In conversations with any top executive of companies, you are almost always going to hear the mention of NPS or CSAT as a key metric used. Today, almost 67% of the Fortune 1000 firms say they measure it and use it as a strategic input in all planning.

NPS campaigns/ surveys are launched for a variety of audiences-

· End users or customers- to know how our product or service is doing

· Internal customers or cross-functional teams- to gauge performance of our business unit

· Employees- to know leadership is doing, how they feel at the organization

NPS, in…

A recent conversation with a friend had him quip irritably- “I already hold an ABC bank card- why do they keep calling me to offer another card? Don’t they have a database they can cross check with? Why pester me when I am already a customer? And why will anyone want another card from the same issuer?”

I am sure more than a handful of us have had this experience- and multiple times over. While of course, this can be irritating, it is not random and not without a plan. Also, it is not just a profitable plan by the…

Anupriya Sharma

Delivery Leader at American Express | Marketing & Strategy Professional | Design Thinking Enthusiast| Corporate Trainer

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