Chapter 1.

The day I decided to leave home

I was fast asleep . It was 1.30 in the morning. I was dreaming about my day ahead . It was gong to be fantastic . I was going to Mumbai for my final MBA interview . I was on the cusp of changing my life . It was going to be my grand coming out from the shadow of my adolescence . Out of the grip of my suffering mother. Out of the savage grip of my poverty .

I was dreaming of my next life out of the prison of my constraints . In my dream I felt the hands of my father on my shoulder . I felt safe.

I woke up . I was on the floor of a train compartment . The ticket checker was staring down at my face …I could hear him whispering menacingly . He was pulling me up to my feet with my collar … I was sleeping on the floor of a bogey that was reserved for valid ticket holders. My ticket was wait listed and therefore I was technically traveling ticketless.

I was thrown out of the train . It was the middle of the night . I had no idea where I was .my bag was at my feet … open and my clothes all over the floor . All I could think of was getting back on the train … I had to get to Mumbai … to my final MBA interview .

I ran …I ran… the train had started to move … I ran for my life … until I swung onto the last compartment of the train. The one coach that allowed people like me to travel . It was packed with dreamers . people sleeping on the floor … dreaming away about their tomorrow . I felt at home :) I sat on my luggage — for 5 hours until the sun rose and I saw the slums of mumbai …I was ecstatic!

That was the first day since I decided to leave home .

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