Writer’s Residency for Non-Fiction Writers — 14–18th Dec, Gurgaon

Writing has been a big part of my being. I love to travel and I blog about it.I love to read so I write book reviews. So much so that writing to me has become my prime identity.

My writing reached many, thanks to my book — The Mouse Charmers — Digital Pioneers of India, that I authored, besides the regular readers of my 3 blogs.

Many readers and upcoming authors reached out saying they need help with writing their book. I started receiving queries about the “how” of writing a non-fiction book. They wanted to know how I began, what challenges I faced and how one could go about having a book published!

It was then that I decided to do something to address this area exclusively.Having met Manish and Shilpi from The Unhotel and in one of our many conversations, we felt that it would be a good idea to have a writers’ residency program for aspiring writers of non-fiction.

We have now developed a 5 day Writers Residency Program that will be held from Dec 14–18, 2016 in their flagship Unhotel property at Gurgaon.

The Program will help you with:

  • Structuring the book
  • Writing a part of the book
  • Writing a proposal for the publishers
  • Marketing plan the book

Participants would have a one to one mentoring session during the residency along with the actual writing of the book that the participants are expected to do. Idea is to provide you with perfect writing environment and let your writing flow.

De-briefing, addressing roadblocks and knowledge sharing will be a daily practice at the workshop.

To ensure personal attention to each participant, we are limiting the first edition to a maximum of 10 participants.

For registrations or any queries, you can contact me (anureviews@gmail.com) or Manish (mannsinha@gmail.com) or Shilpi (buzzshilpi@gmail.com)

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you know can benefit from this program.