Want to boost revenue in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate networks play a crucial role in effective affiliate marketing programs. As affiliate marketing has evolved to become more sophisticated and complex, both advertisers and publishers turn to affiliate networks to help manage their programs. In addition to providing tools to help plan, execute, and measure affiliate campaigns, affiliate networks are also the leading way advertisers find new affiliate partners.

QlickTrack was founded in 2017 and has been growing as one of the best companies which provide deep insights on tracking each and every click of the affiliates. It is expanding in the market very quickly. “To be humble and take everyone along with you on the path of development” is the way the Founder & CEO Mr. Aniruddh Pratap Singh of QlickTrack Technologies imbibes in himself and spread among all his employees.

Spotlighting the Value QlickTrack Delivers.

QlickTrack is a performance marketing tool which provides companies to track measure and optimize their digital marketing campaigns and drive higher return on investment. It delivers a diverse range of valuable perks, including weekly payment facilities, a full-service with an individual account manager assigned to each advertiser, detailed and transparent reports as well as a huge amount of useful tools and advanced technologies, comprising geo-targeting, cross-device tracking, network management and 24*7 support.

How Does it enable Publishers and Advertisers?

QlickTrack is always looking for new business practices and developing current ones in order to offer publishers and advertisers the cutting edge in the affiliate marketing industry. QlickTrack flexibility is crucial for ensuring efficiency in its innovative and technological approach to adapt to ever changing affiliate business dynamics and to constantly overcome the most pressing challenges in the whole marketing industry.

Uniting publishers and advertisers on the one platform, QlickTrack gives an entry to the global market to them, secures and increases their revenues and helps to optimize their marketing strategies with the help of various tools for both groups and a clear system of analytics and anti-fraud.

So Advertisers Have to Set Up Their Own Programs?

No. The tool helps the advertisers to set up their affiliate programs, manage, recruit and take their campaign to the next level. Technology, transparency and tools are the three must haves for affiliate marketing business, which QlickTrack provide to the customers, giving an added advantage.

What Are The Most Pressing Issues in Affiliate Marketing Today?

Finding a niche is one of the most daunting steps in an affiliate marketer’s journey. It’s a step that can’t be overlooked or rushed through. Indicating the most profitable niches, we should mention that QlickTrack covers many topics and has tied up for different product and service categories. The biggest issue in the industry is the inability for companies to scale their affiliate programs after setting it up on their own. A small business may not have enough human or technical resource to track their sales as customers shift to different devices. So, it is tough to scale if one is working with individual publishers as there are validation, invoicing and payment issue, publisher’s recruitment difficulties and many others. All this can be done by QlickTrack. This is what QlickTrack is aiming at and bringing in as a change in the industry.

What’s The Road Ahead ?.

Generally speaking, QlickTrack global expansion strategy will provide a fuel for a continued growth and innovation in the affiliate marketing space. It gained not only transactions but also invaluable brand recognition, regular payout system, responsive customer care team, various niche support, fraud-proof analysis and customer engagement while efficiently delivering the type of content demanded by today’s sophisticated online affiliate network manager. It is exactly the type of tool that could put long-standing industry titans on the defensive.