The adult’s guide to anime #3: Soundtracks

Death Note — L’s theme

Every character on Death Note is given a brilliant soundtrack that ties so incredibly well to the character that you can feel what the character is feeling simply from the tone of the track. L(the detective)’s theme is probably the catchiest among them.

Kaiji — Wish

This track appears multiple times in the show, during intense moments in games of life and death.

Tokyo Ghoul

Easily one of the most artistically dark shows, the music compliments the dreary environment as much as the illustration style.


A lot of the music of Naruto can be described as grandiose fight music. Unlike the other shows, this anime uses music to achieve a much more subtle effect, but its just as great.

Fairy Tail — Opening Theme Season 3

Some of the more upbeat stuff on this list.

Akame ga Kill — Kinpaku

This track with its distinctly Indian flavor works fantastically to fill up suspense filled moments on the show.

One Piece — We are

Setting out on a glorious adventure with your friends across uncharted territories? This is the song for you. Super road-trip-ish.

Claymore — Opening Theme

I saw this show many years ago, and the only thing I remember about it is this song and that its about some badass women with swords.

Log Horizon — the 43rd song

The story of this song is a real cute one. The show is about a virtual reality game that people find themselves stuck in. This world, as in the original game, had only 42 songs. The AI characters in the game, who gain self awareness when human players get stuck inside the game, only know of these 42 songs. When human player, Isuzu finds out, she sets out to give the world its 43rd song. This one.



UX Designer. Backpacker. Photographer. Half baked musician.

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Anurag Dutta

Anurag Dutta

UX Designer. Backpacker. Photographer. Half baked musician.