Why I never dip my biscuits in tea?

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A disadvantage(or rather an advantage?) of the advent of the internet is that any simple sentence now has the ability to sound raunchy. So just to clarify, the title of this article means exactly what it says. I am just going to talk about tea biscuits so if you were expecting anything else, here is your TL;DR

Still Interested?

Hold your horses before you get offended! I know exactly how this feels so far. We Indians swear by our tea biscuit routine. Who the fuck can not like dipping biscuits in tea?? Well most of us at least do. Lets not even talk about the countless jokes of the second biscuit drowning on a rescue mission to save the first one. Ha ha too much? :P But listen to what I am about to say and it might just make sense. Most people who know me closely can swear to the fact that I am very particular about my tea habits. Almost an addict talking here. I am one of you, tea aficionados :)

Alright so here’s the deal. I feel that when you dip the biscuit in tea, it changes what is supposed to taste like originally. It changes the attributes and the chemistry of the biscuit, both causes I feel quite strongly about. Duh! That is why I am writing this down.

I like taking a bite, not too small, not too large, reasons for which I will disclose shortly. I don’t bite and I don’t swallow, YET ! I take a sip of tea and start chewing slowly. I let the tea and the biscuit react slowly in my mouth while I am savouring the taste and all the time in control of the chemistry of the mixture. The biscuit is crispy and is melting in parts at the same time. Now coming to the accurately sized bite, if you take too small a bite, when you take a sip of tea, most of the chunk is going to be immediately dissolved or more likely rendered to molten state. If you take too large a bite, it is going to end up quite chewy. Then rather you could had this biscuit without any tea. The perfect bite and the perfect sip of hot tea which of course doesn’t burn your palate is an art.

There, I said it ! Enjoy your tea biscuits people. Have a good day :)

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