Ben Shapiro Is Wrong About Sexual Harassment
John-Pierre Maeli

I regularly follow Shapiro’s podcast, and heard this same argument on one of them, and I have to agree, this piece is spot on. I have many disagreements with Shapiro, and this question of morals is one of them. There’s not much correlation between libertarian attitudes towards sex and rape , but Shapiro being a member of the religious right, he’s being disingenuous and too dismissive of the role of power relations.

The truth is, all these allegations involve powerful men. This does not include most men, abstinent before marriage or not. The misandrist ‘men are pigs’ and ‘men problem’ and the right-wing ‘sexual freedom causes rape’ both downplay this observation.

Another pet peeve I have with him is that on the ‘Deconstructing the culture’ section of the same podcast, he also bashes rock music for ‘promoting immorality’ and apparently cites lyrics and takes them out of context ‘demonstrating’ how ‘rock music has promoted sex with underage girls’. This shows a deep ignorance of popular culture and what rock has meant to people over the years. I like Ben, but whenever he goes into this bizzare, Old Conservative™ rant about ‘rock is bad, hip hop is bad, and sexual prudishness is the answer’, it deeply annoys me because a lot of it lacks context.

Anyways, well written piece.