Black Money Origins

Before you begin, I must say, this is more of an apology than it is a post on my timeline/feed. I would like this to reach as many people as possible and try to change the things to which somehow I contributed. So please, read on!!

Evening 6:30pm, the band in my stomach starts playing and my mind tells me to eat. So, I decide to take out my bike and go to the nearest Dosa wala in my area. Seeing the dull scenario and extended weekend I decided to commit a crime by not wearing my helmet and pushing my hand through it and wearing it practically on my shoulder.

According to the superior Murphy’s law, whatever wrong could go wrong went wrong. I was welcomed by the team of our Delhi Police “Shanti, Seva, Nyaya” on the turn near Police stadium.

Being the average Indian rider, I asked for forgiveness and the several Qawwalis to get free and wear the helmet like an ideal citizen. Although, none of them were answered and Mr. Policeman in a blatant way asked me to hand him over my license and continued with a challan.

In this bleak moment, I felt a little contented, thinking that at least I didn’t become a culprit of offering bribe to a person only to realize that the story wasn’t over yet.

So, I hand him my license and my RC (Bike registration certificate) to which he says, “Mumbai ki Bike Delhi kaise laya” (How did you get your bike from Mumbai to Delhi?). I thought we were getting friendly and he might not proceed with the challan and instead make me a criminal by taking bribe from me, but to my surprise, It was a honey trap to see if the bike actually belonged to me or I actually brought it in without any transfer authorization. Giving all the reasons and ways I somehow managed to come out of it. During this talk, the challan was made and other documents of mine handed over to me without my RC.

Somewhere, things are still happening

Now deal done, I was supposed to collect my RC from the Rohini court on a particular date and a particular time, the transaction as described by Mr. Policeman was as simple as “Go with your license and this challan, give them Rs. 100 fine and collect your RC”. In my heart, I was pleased that the time of change has begun (foolish me) and I am just paying up for the wrong deed I committed without actually paying up the classic bribe”.

26th August 2017, I reach court at 4pm, to the room number allotted to me, I witness an empty judicial court like structure with few guys sitting around in the side of audience making funny comments at the visitors. One guy came to me asking me the purpose of my arrival, and I told him about the business I was in for. He took me to the sole policeman in room who underwent my challan receipt and with a worried look said “Lao documents lao, License, Pollution certificate, Copy of RC, Identity proof, etc etc.” (Give me the other documents ). Perplexed, I offered him my explanation that I was only asked to bring my License and pay the fine. To this he tells me, “No no, you were supposed to get all these documents and now you shall come on Monday as the court will be closed at 5pm. Anyway, (nods to one of the smiling guys) go with him to the magistrate and lets see what can be done”

Being a virgin in this ordeal, I followed the guy who took my challan and disappeared in the hallway. During my pursuit, I got offers from several lawyers on the way, asking me to take their services for getting my documents back and the picture got clear to me. However, in need of my license, I was taken to a magistrate’s room where he asked me to pay up Rs. 1000 for getting my license back. I resisted saying that why shall I pay up and rather I’ll bring the documents to you on Monday. I was then informed that this was the last time for me to report and coming on Monday will attract another fine.

I was taken aback and knew that it was time for me to play the criminal and I started with the Sufi chants bringing down the deal money to Rs. 500 to which both the parties agreed and I received the license. Although, there was no receipt, no written record of my wrongdoing, no record of the fine, no trace of the Rs. 500 that I lost and few policemen earned, no record of the time lost, the lesson learned and the memory that tainted my clean record, it all happened and certainly was an important transaction for the nation to record.

At the same time I feel, it was all recorded, in the black registers no one checks, money added to the black account that no one counts, to the black economy and sadly I hold an account in it. My apologies to everyone for it.

For me, the gist was simple, 
1. Primarily, wear your helmet and try to follow the rules unless there’s an emergency.
2. The time they specify is actually the last time to report. You can visit any time before it
3. Don’t involve any lawyer to receive your documents
4. The bribe is not taken at the spot of challan but later in the courthouse so know section 120.
5. No matter what, don’t contribute to the origins of black money.

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