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Creating engaging content of any kind is no easy task. More so, if you have to keep doing it every day.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing, creating graphics or videos. What matters is that you do it effectively and consistently.

After running three monthly publications, here are my takeaways that you could use for both print and digital.

Create a Content Calendar

Before you go ahead and start working away on your project, take some time out and plan your content. If it’s for print, try to plan your content well ahead for at least two months. …

Apple Live Event —

It all started with the usual galore and Apple’s signature introductions. Although I must admit, it was hard not to miss the ejection of the Apple iPhone in a September event considering how it has always been the centrepiece of these events. Nevertheless, there have been quite a few enticing launches and let’s take a quick look at them!

The Introduction of the Apple Watch Series 6

Falling in line with all the leaks and rumours, the first big feature to hit the Apple Watch is the blood oxygen indicator.

ECG and other such features have been brought forward from its predecessors.

A quick solution to your boot loop problems. Here’s the DFU way.

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A few days ago, I was in a world of dread. My iPhone X suffered the fate of a boot loop and trust me, this is no fun. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

The Problem

So here’s what’s happened. My iPhone ran out of storage leaving me with a sparse 4 MB of space. It was laggy, so I tried to delete some pictures and apps. However, the device was in no mood to cooperate and it simply refused to follow any commands.

Being none the wiser, I decided to do a force restart and…

An in-depth view on the iPad Pro and if it’s the right pick for you.

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Going back, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad all those years ago, it didn’t quite make sense; it felt like a larger iPhone. Everyone wondered what to do with it and so did I.

Well, that never stopped us from getting our hands on one of the most coveted pieces of tech for its time even with its limited use as a consumption device.

Times have changed, and here we are in 2020. These iPads have evolved into different kinds of computing machines.

My iPad Pro journey began with the launch of the 2017 iPad Pro and as the 2018…

It’s the year 2020 and the world seems like it has stopped in its tracks. People’s lives have come to a screeching halt but the subscription model has prevailed.

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Almost everything that we interact with today, is on a subscription model. From the milk that lands at your doorstep, to the apps you use. Before you realize, you are stuck in a model that’s going to wear you out. Especially in times like these.

From content to fashion, from digital office utilities to household items, almost everything and everyone has jumped on to the subscription model bandwagon.

Recently, I discovered that I have hit a point where I just don’t want to deal with subscriptions anymore. I’ve hit that subscription fatigue.

I was subscribed to almost everything. From Apple…

My first Medium post. This is my introduction!

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March 10th 2020
Mumbai, India.

It was exactly 5:45 am today. I sit there looking at Medium, having decided that I wanted to write again. My relationship with the platform has rather been an on-off one. Read an ocasional story here and there and that was that. There wasn’t much interaction until today.

I finally got hooked onto it, became a member and read story after story until I realised that this is the platform I want to call home for everything I had to share.

A little backstory.

Always wanting to be a published author, my journey towards writing started early on…

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