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Create unique and interesting apps using these APIs

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Nothing excites me more than finding an out of the ordinary API.

Many times we just want to focus on the frontend but also need interesting, dynamic data to display.

This is where public APIs come into play. API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface.

The core benefit of using it is that it allows one program to interact with other programs.

Using public APIs allows you to focus on the frontend and things that matter without worrying so much about the database and the backend.

Below are 7 less-talked about public and free APIs.

How many times have you tried to insult your best friend? Now you have got a helping hand! …

Without using Google Maps!

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Adding an interactive map to your website can make it look more polished and also contribute to the user experience.

Maps can be added alongside an address as well as on the landing page to convey geographical information.

To add free, quick interactive maps we would be using Leaflet.js which is an open-source library for touch-friendly maps.

The size of the package is about 40kb and includes a comprehensive set of map features.

To install the library, we need to add a few things to the head section of our HTML file.

  1. CSS file

2. Leaflet JavaScript file (Should be placed after the above CSS…

The unreal applications of JavaScript

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Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

When it comes to JavaScript, you are only limited by your imagination.

JavaScript apps are becoming increasingly complex every passing day and it is being used to create some of the most insane things one can imagine.

Below are some of the unheard applications of JavaScript.

Machine learning is a trending subject these days.

You can add cool machine learning features to your next app using JavaScript.

Since web browsers have access to webcams and mics, you have access to visual and sound inputs which can lead to some interesting machine learning features such as Face Recognition.

Using the TensorFlow library for JavaScript you can build truly amazing projects that leverage machine learning such as real-time piano performance. …

Incredibly useful methods to make your life easier

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Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

While performing array operations with long lines of code, have you ever stopped and wondered if there was an easier way to do it?

In JavaScript, there are various insanely useful array methods available to us. And when used correctly, they can help you achieve great things with just a few lines of readable code.

We will be looking at 8 array methods can drastically decrease your workload and benefit you.

Let’s get started.

The Map method allows you to convert your existing array into a new array with your specified operation.

var numbers = [4, 9, 16, 25];var x = numbers.map(v=>…

Within just a few minutes!

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Vue.js is one of my favourite, if not the favourite, framework.

It is easy to understand, the learning curve is not steep at all unlike React and Angular and it is a light package weighing in about 30kb.

However, it still is a Single Page Application(SPA). Although you can still generate static sites using it if you go with the SPA, you will lose out on one of the important things in web development i.e SEO.

Google crawlers have improved over the years and so have the JavaScript apps, however, the developers still have to take a few additional steps to fully comply with SEO and make the app discoverable organically. …

#3 — Being stuck in tutorial hell

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Photo by Varvara Grabova on Unsplash

Committing mistakes is inevitable but not learning from them is a personal choice.

The field of software development takes a different shape every few years, with new languages and frameworks taking the front seat.

Most of the time developers don’t really know the clear path when they start learning a new library or language and end up harming their growth as a developer.

I have been in the field of development for over 2 years and also part of various groups. Hence, I have met many people and noticed a pattern of mistakes that they all committed.

Below are the 5 common mistakes that every developer…

Master binding rules and write advanced code

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Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

In programming, everything has a structure and a set of rules. There is a certain way to declare variables and an entirely different way to run loops.

The more you know about these syntactical rules, the better programmer you are.

There are such rules to the infamous ‘this’ keyword and binding in JavaScript as well.

If you have been working with JS for a while, you must have noticed the use of the ‘this’ keyword.

It is one of the hardest aspects of the language, mainly because to understand it completely you need to grasp many low-level details.

To get started with ‘this’, you need to first learn what is Lexical Environment and Execution Context. …

ES6 has other ways of handling data structures and values in the form of Set and Map

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Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

For years, programmers have used objects and arrays to store data. This trend is not only limited to JavaScript.

There was simply no other choice besides these two to store multiple values and handle data structures.

There were several limitations however while using objects and array such as:

  1. An array can store duplicate elements.
  2. No method to find the length of the object as we have for arrays.
  3. Only Strings can be stored in objects and it doesn’t remember the insertion order.
  4. Developers had to choose either arrays or objects depending upon their use case.
  5. Third-party libraries like Lodash were used to enhance the capabilities of the…

You can build all these projects within a week.

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Source: UI Design Daily(CC License).

Having simple yet beautiful projects in your portfolio can significantly boost your chances to get hired.

When you have a working, mindful project, you have visual proof of what you are capable of and interviewers love that.

I will be listing out 4 amazing projects that will transform your portfolio and help you land your dream job.

Moreover, by the end of this article, not only will you know how to build these projects in under a week, but also be able to deploy it for free.

Before we continue, I would like to highlight that I will be covering the front-end projects first and then the back-end ones because you can use your front-end code and add a backend to it, thus reducing workload. …

The Japanese technique to create a flow of money in your life

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Photo by Taylor Kopel on Unsplash

One of the most stressful things for most of us have been spending money. Not everything is value-for-money and letting go of your hard-earned cash is not something most enjoy. In current times, the fear and anxiety surrounding money are more profound than ever to the ongoing pandemic.

Ken Honda in his book, Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money, has tried to reinvent the way you approach your finances. Honda has stressed the similarities between water, air, and money. He draws a comparison between money and water to explain the Japanese technique of approaching money.

Money is something we receive and spend all throughout our life. A Japanese technique, famously known as ‘Arigato your money’, provides a unique perspective to our monetary activities. “Arigato” is Japanese for “Thank you”.

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