Getting the business right is much more important than getting every feature of the product out.

It’s very easy to get trapped in the notion of releasing a perfect product out to the market. Let’s face it, your app is not becoming viral with millions of users from Day 1. Why not push the product soon & validate the idea, take feedback, understand the real users before spending weeks/months fine tuning features?

Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter & none of the successful companies were built with all the cool features you see today from Day 1. They launched, iterated, took feedback from users & improved over time.

Your users (their feedback) should define & prioritise the features, not your imagination.

As a founder, you should use technology to understand your customers, the market & figure out the business. This should be your top priority always.

Keeping business above technology helps a startup to become a company!

Think on it...