Learn JavaScript by developing apps.

Anurag Sarkar
Apr 29 · 2 min read

Welcome Tech Readers,

I started learning java script (ES5 & ES6) from youtube videos and reading online articles. After watching lot of videos and giving few interview’s and I came to an conclusion that you should code and develop apps then only you can clear those interviews.

Specially the product companies focuses more on the basics & if you have implemented the logic on developing the app’s. You will gain a lot of confidence and it will also help you in clearing the interviews.

Some of the java script apps I have developed and currently working on are:

  1. Calculator.
  2. Stopwatch. (Without & With UI).
  3. Tic Tac Toe game.
  4. 2048 game.
  5. Todo App.
  6. FreeCodeCamp challenges.

I will advice you to complete the Freecodecamp.org bootcamp and solve all the challenges give by them. It has one of the best syllabus and helps you in sharpening your coding skills. It’s one of the best dev boot camp program ever developed.

You will get lot of code for the above mentioned apps. But try to develop it build the logic by your own. You can do customization in the apps also if you want.

The last thing I will say is “The more you code. The better you become at it”. Hope it helps the beginners to become a better JS Developer.

I am still learning and will try to write more about my experience.

Anurag Sarkar

Written by

Web Developer | Digital Marketing | UP Lucknow | Bengaluru India

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