To the entitled jerk on my flight at 2:00 AM
Mirah Curzer

I had a similar experience in India while flying from Mumbai to Nagpur. The flight was supposed to leave at 7:00PM but got delayed 4 times( due to whatever reason. I am in no way sympathizing with the Airline management here)

Once when we boarded the aircraft at about 11:00PM, one entitled gentleman( most probably a businessman) started shouting against the airline staff. This is fine. Accepted, he was frustrated, so were we. When the server arrived near his seat to offer him refreshments, he literally threw the plate in her face. She was not hurt( at least she said so) but this human being, if at all he is worthy of being called as such, shamelessly started denying that he flung the plate but rather said it was a mistake. All of us were tired on that plane. Heck I had flown in from NYC with a 8 hour layover. I was borderline crazy but that does not mean I have a right to abuse those (physically or verbally) who work their job. I can pen down my frustrations, go through appropriate channels and complain but abusing some is totally not cool.

I hope the moron gets the rightful treatment.

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