So, Alabama Shakes. I discovered this amazing band from Athens, Alabama (obviously) the other night while checking the Grammy winners list out.

As I gave their song, Don’t Wanna Fight a listen I knew they were someone I need to obsessively listen to. Going by the name, I expected southern rock flavour to their music but it was so much more than that. Brittany Howard, the forerunner and vocalist of the band exhibits amazing control over her voice and looking at some of their live performances they feel like they are doing a complete justice to the Soul Blues music genre. “The woman has so much soul in her voice”, says a YouTube comment about her live performance on KCRW.

Talking about rest of the band, I feel the drummer and the bassist leave nothing to complain. I hope they keep surprising with their unique styles.

With the well deserved grammy, now they are on top of my playlist and should be their for a long time. I hope to see them live someday. Go check them out!