Here is a joke by Bill Burr.

Stand-up Comedy 101

If you are planning to try your hand in stand up comedy here are certain steps that you could follow.

Attend open mics — An open mic is an event where comics try their new material (jokes) or work on their new bits. So first step is to prepare your 4–5 mins of material and register yourself for an open mic and be on time for the event (because comedy is a serious business).

Never Plagiarize — What happens is comics spend hours to construct a joke and then try it in several open mics to make it a perfect joke and that’s why write your own jokes and develop your own style ‘do not copy’, try to learn this art form by doing it yourself because plagiarism won’t help you succeed, it can only give you momentarily happiness (and ya every other comic knows every other comic’s jokes…so, you are being watched).

Kind of jokes — Doesn’t matter if you bomb (fail) in the initial days, it’s OK ‘try n try until you become funny’ because it’s nothing to do with your genre of comedy, for instance it can be Insult comedy, Blue comedy, Dark comedy, Self-deprecating, Observational comedy , One liners or ‘hathi-cheeti’ jokes.

Maybe try different delivery style or try to reconstruct your jokes or quit comedy maybe it’s not for you after all (just kidding).

Do not exceed your stage time — In open mics each and every performer is required to wrap up in their allotted time. So, that other performers can get their fair share of stage time and it’s unprofessional if you exceed your time limit…follow the rules, respect fellow comics and try to stay till the end of the event it shows your dedication.


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