M. Kendli

Yes, agreed. Using sheer willpower is a good way and can often work. There are two issues with the approach though

  1. You need a different amount of willpower depending on the situation. For example, at the end of a productive day in the office, when you still have a caffeine high and the gym is in the office building itself, its easier to go to the gym as opposed to say waking up at 6 am on a Sunday and drive a couple of miles to go to the gym. This makes it very difficult to adjust your willpower accordingly and tough for your mind and body to get used to it.
  2. It has been proven that willpower is a limited resource and can get easily depleted. So if you end up using a lot of will power early in the day it will lead to you not being able to function as efficiently for the remaining part without getting a lot of rest. I will cover that in more detail in a subsequent post. But the more you exert your willpower the more emotionally drained you become, which is why I would not wholly advise it.

I hope that gives some insights into why I chose the approach that I wrote about.

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