The day meant to be wasted.

Sundays are meant to be the day in which you can rest and pass time. Do what you like to do and convert the valuable 24hours provided by that day into utter shit by doing whatever you like or would want to do.

In contrast to Sundays, other days are meant to be the days which you should utilize by doing some creating, reading new books, watching movies or some nice TV series. These days arent meant to be the days that should be wasting by playing DOTA all night long.
You work like shit in office from 8AM to 8PM. You reach home around 8.30PM and what you do after you reach home? Instead of taking a bit of rest, you switch on your laptop and BOOM there is dota icon and you HAVE to click it no matter how much you tell yourself not to do that the other night or full day at office.
You click that DOTA icon and play non stop from 9PM to 1–2AM. Then you realize that you havent done any of the work that you should have done in those 4–5 hours, so you start to do those quirs instead of going to sleep which in turns distrubs your ecological system and you hate it next morning but again you couldnt resist it, since it was so fun to be able to waste your time in that manner by killing, hunting, ganking, seeing the top score etc.

Anyways, if you have to waste your time like that you dont need to do that on a weekday. You have your own special dya for that. A day when you can wake up at 4AM or 10AM oe even 2PM and noone will ever say a shit. A day on which you can play non stop from 4AM till 12–1AM of the next night, i.e. 13–14 hours, that makes around 14 matches. Holy shit! think of it. You can be tired all over on that day but still make a cup of tea or coffee for yourself and sit back relax ; play ranked all day or play with teammates and build shitty items and laugh about it all week long :D

It’s not a goodbye to dota , it’s more of a welcome to my own life.

Happiness doesn’t always come the way you want it to be, you may find happiness in the things you never thought would make you happy.

I hope it works this time.

I love you sunday because I love dota and only you, Sunday can give me my dota ❤.