Learn About How To design Fully Customized T-shirts

Many businesses have started adopting different types of innovative marketing strategies. As a business owner, you have to be familiar with the growing trends and new promotional strategies. Today, screen printing services have become one of the highly demanding professions in the marketing world and many companies who offer garment manufacturing in Thailand have been seeking the help of screen printing companies in Bangkok to design fully customized T-shirts. It can be said without an iota of doubt that a good number of corporate agencies also depend on custom designed T-shirts for their employees as well as for their promotional activities.

Screen printing and embroidery services

In order to get the custom designs, you can choose two popular methods and they include screen printing and embroideries. Top companies offer both these services to suit the varying requirements of different people. Both these categories have their advantages and disadvantages and you can choose the most suitable one based on your exclusive requirements and budget. If you want embroidered Hoodies Thailand, you can depend on these companies and they come with the best designs that are extremely appealing and striking as well.

Learn about custom embroidery

Two steps can be associated with custom embroidery. The first phase is to get a digital design for your business logo and it is being done using software that focuses on converting the design into a machine generated format. During the second phase, the design has to be replicated into the stitches and the embroidery needs to be done on the garments as well. Top professionals perform these two processes with clinical precision and utmost speed. The entire procedure will be completed within 10 minutes. You can easily come across a wide range of embroidered polo shirts in Thailand and best professionals make sincere and committed efforts to make them really unique and appealing as well.

Learn about screen printing

While it comes to screen printing, you should consider a good number of factors. First of all, you must have to prepare a design and then, the quality of screen and machine (used for the process) should be assessed with great care and vigilance. The design is being created using the software known as Adobe Illustrator. When this phase is complete, the screen printing professionals print the design over a film during the presence of light. You can come across special types of screens that are utilized to deposit the ink and these types of advanced screens offer excellent designs. After the completion of certain chemical processes, the screen can be used to print the garments. The exact time period for this process can be determined according to your design structure.

When you compare the quality, you can find many advantages for both these categories. Embroidery usually consumes several minutes for digitizing the design but you do not need to worry about this aspect with screen printing. When it comes to longevity, embroidered custom printed T-shirts stand taller compared to screen printed t-shirts. You can take a decision what to choose based on your exclusive requirements. For example; if you really want to make use of the designs for promotional clothing, screen printing can be used and when it comes to corporate clothing, embroidery is the most effective option available.

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