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How to take the perfect selfie

I take selfies pretty seriously. There are so many variables to control like light, angle and backgrounds. It’s an art, really.

In my book, there are two general types of selfies:

  1. 1 person
  2. >1 person

Those two can either be attractive or silly. Lets break it down into the building blocks

When you take a selfie with just yourself, you have to make sure the light doesn’t wash out your face– don’t take the picture facing direct light or bright light shining only on one side. All those pretty features will be erased to become an awkward, extra bright blob. For example:

sharp light entering from only one direction

Ugh. You don’t want that disgusting white strip of light on your face.

The sweet spot of light will be either far away in front of you, or not directly behind you. Tie your luxurious hair back, or keep it out of the vicinity of your face. You need that gorgeous selfie for everyone to double-tap or like.

the below angle
the straight-on angle

I like to hold the phone above my face or so that the top of the photo cuts off the top of my head, because I’m not a huge fan of my face’s below-angle. When I’m in an artsy mode, I’ll take the picture with a tilt (oooh fancy!). Play around with angles and positions to see what you think suits you best! Tint your photo with a cheesy smile, a somber smile, no teeth, or plenty of teeth. When using props, make sure the light doesn’t reflect off the surfaces. The focus is all on you!

If this photo is not meant for anything important or is just taken for lighthearted pleasure, feel free to add any silly face along with your glorious photo. Silly faces are the sprinkles on the final product.

The second type of selfie is the group, or >1 person selfie.

The good thing is that all the same methods from before are applicable, and the only thing to consider is who holds the phone or camera. To not disrupt the flow of the picture, someone in the middle or someone on the end must hold the phone. In a perfect world, no one should be able to tell who is holding the camera. The group selfie can be either attractive, or silly.

can you tell who is holding the phone?

Silly selfies, however, can have more wiggle-room in following the basic building blocks. Lighting can be sacrificed in order to display your charisma.

Silly, group, sharp light only on one side

Next time you take a selfie– pause and think.

Do I have good lighting? Am I in the right position? Are there weird shadows on my face?

And once you’ve achieved all the building blocks, you’ve mastered the art of selfies.

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