10 fun facts about large families

  1. Difficult to identify siblings

The oldest sibling can be mistaken for the youngest sibling’s parent and this mistake normally happens in a large family.

2. Calling out every single name

In Big families the parents will rarely call their son’s actual name on the first try; rather, a string of siblings or cousin’s names come first. Finally they will call their son’s real name.

3. Shifts

Sometimes people have to eat in shifts.

4. Entry of boyfriend

A Family member’s new boyfriend can spend 30 minutes at the table before everyone realizes he’s not related.

5. Small gathering

A small gathering is still 55 people in a single house.

6. Hugs

When leaving, there is absolutely no way to keep track of the number of goodbyes, resulting in some people getting hugs and others getting nothing.

7. Grocery bills that cost as much as other people’s mortgages

When mothers are feeding a bunch of kids the cost of groceries is truly infinite. They have put locks on their pantries and refrigerators just to keep kids from eating at snack times.

8. Blink and miss it

Sometimes these mashed potatoes don’t make it all the way around the table. The best way is to eat as quickly as possible in hopes that there may be a little bit left over.

9. A Bus would be easier

Sometimes this is because the entire family can’t fit into a car, and it’s because of overlapping activities like one kid’s baseball game, another kid needs to be dropped off at scout camp.

10. Missing shoes

If you come from a large family you knew that missing shoes was the source of many fights and missed doctor’s appointments.

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