India’s First Social Reality Experiment: Arré Ho Ja Re-Gender on YuppTV Bazaar

Arré Ho Ja Re-Gender

The cutting edge Arré web series has exploded on the scene since it began airing digitally on YuppTV Bazaar in July this year. Arré Ho Ja Re-Gender is a reality show featuring six participants taken from various walks to life, intended to challenge gender stereotypes and preconceptions. The 3 male and 3 female characters are feisty and colorful and are featured in the show switching roles in an environment where men act like women and women act like men.

The women include fiery feminist Farrah Kadar, a demure girl from Delhi Lasheeta Sahay and a housewife with marital issues, Kirti Gautam. There’s an interesting blend of personalities among the men too with Jackie Deol the Casanova figure, an old-fashioned young man Vishal Jain and hopeless romantic Joey Debroy.

Contestants Swap Gender in a Fascinating Experiment

The series sets out to challenge gender issues within a reality setting rather than through discussion and debate. Producers of the show say that the 6 contestants are re-gendered so they can learn from experience how the other half live. The boys and girls are each groomed differently, with beauty and cosmetic transformations by experts on the first episode and then the viewer watches their responses to the transformation as it unfolds.

The cast contestants are broadly representative of the differing values and attitudes held regarding gender, making this a social experiment many will be able to identify with. The reality aspect allows the view to discover and learn as the series runs, allowing a better understanding of other points of view in terms of gender assignment. The series grants the opportunity for men to understand women more and vice versa, a compelling reason for you to take a look for yourself.

Even the Contestants don’t know How They Will Adapt

From the start, it’s easy to see who adapts to the re-gendering and who doesn’t. The masculinity and femininity as well as the sexuality of the contestants is called into question in a very direct way in this fascinating series and that’s proving to be gripping viewing to a rapidly growing audience. Who discovers they are completely at ease in their role as a member of the opposite gender. This webseries has the potential to be explosive in the very near future, can you afford to miss it?

You can see the story unfold and catch up the videos on YuppTV Bazaar.