Can humans go beyond boundaries?

Humans are born to reach out to the stars. Many of us believe that. We even pride ourselves on thinking we are not animals, and we are born to rule. But inherently we have an animal behavior that makes us have boundaries; Animals mark them with scent and us with border posts and military that can take out the whole world!

An animal would never know what’s beyond its boundaries and never gets to go beyond its survival that is why it can’t survive the changes this world brings beyond a point. But we are the species that survived just because we explored, reached out beyond the little walls of our limitations, accepted the change, and we have become the change.

We moved out of Africa, We migrated. We were all once immigrants in places where we live now. We are children of this world. Doesn’t it belong to all? But we are still worried about where our countries boundaries are.

Do countries think they will be under threat from other nations? Why should in present world a nation wage a war against another? If these questions still have relevance, then we have not evolved beyond being a mere territorial animal that is never going to reach the stars.

After the telecommunication explosion, the most commonly used term was ‘The Global Village’. Today we can talk to someone half a globe away as if they are just next door. All this progress in technology and many others are those we have achieved as one as human species without borders. But when borders come in we have made many many stupid decisions both for economic and strategic reasons.

We are an intelligent species when we work together as one. Only a world without borders will help us face the challenges we face as a species to survive and take us beyond. I agree that is a very far-off dream.