A dual startup household

It’s been a while since I blogged. In fact I’ve only ever written a blog once before, and that was the day after I left my banking job in London and was on my way home to Namma Bengaluru. There was a feeling of exhilaration as I woke up that Monday around 5 years ago and realized that there was a whole new world of opportunities that was waiting for me as I made the journey back home. And that was what started my first blog, a diary of wonderful, starry-eyed updates about my journey to figuring out what I wanted to do next. It was a blog comprising of 5 entries at most and it stopped right there.

I stopped writing because I joined the rat race all over again. Jobs, internships, CGPAs, CVs, that’s what life was all about.

As I started work after B school, I tried to write again, but work kept me so busy that I didn’t have much to write about.

And then, I made a big change. I decided to go into entrepreneurship.

I semi-knew what that meant at the time (of course, when making the choice, I was 100% confident that I knew exactly what it meant), but now Iknow what it means, though I still probably don’t fully know what it means.

What I do know is that while in my previous job, work kept me so busy that I didn’t have anything to blog about.

Ironically, work keeps me so busy now that I have a universe of topics to blog about. And that is what is so awesome about entrepreneurship. Its an experience in itself, a treasure trove of valuable learnings, both personal and professional.

Now I’m not kidding myself, there are more than enough blogs out there that talk about the entrepreneurial journey, so you won’t get topics out of me like “10 things not to do as an entrepreneur”, “25 ways to manage a startup founder’s psyche” or “A list of 100 ways to guarantee that your business gets funded” (does this one actually exist? Send across if you’ve seen it please :P).

What you will get (from time to time) is a very real account of what life has been like so far. Those of you who are reading this probably know me in some way, and so might also know that I am part of a dual startup household. Mine and my husband, Varun’s.

We started down our paths at the same time, but the journey’s have been extremely different. Food and Technology. From a business perspective, they mix together like oil and water, but its partly been this polarity in our experiences that has helped us along our respective journey’s as entrepreneurs and as spouses (random sidebar: mouse -> mice, why not spouse -> spice?).

From sitting on two borrowed beanbags just the two of us in the middle of an empty house, to making our first hires, initial product launches (Metripping.com and Smoodies.in) and so many more milestones, its definitely been something to write about, so, here is my little attempt to diarize some of these experiences.

Disclaimer: From time to time, I may write about Bangalore traffic, potholes, pedestrians and high beam headlights. Please forgive me for going off-topic, hazards of living in the IT-raffic capital of India.