Kundan Rangoli ! What Is This?

So, i started off making these floor arts for my friends, which quickly gave birth to my online store called “ AashusWorkshop”. But slowly, I started getting so many ‘How To’ questions that i finally decided to write this short blog about my work.

What is this Kundan Rangoli? Kundan Rangoli literally means bead designs, is more than just beads and designs. Its an intricate and complex design based on age old traditional Indian (South Asian) technique hand drawn on the floor using rice floor.

What I make are these same designs, but with a touch modernity. Embellished with Rhinestones of various colors and shapes bonded together with glue and hot glue (occasionally).

Here is how I create;

  1. I select the base based on the design i have in mind.
  2. Now that the base color has been selected, I go in for some color combos.
  3. i had draw the designs. Ofcourse, with the help of some traces, and templates.
  4. Embellish them with the wide array of rhinestones. Finally, add candle/diya holder in the center to bring the design a warm glow when the candle is lit.

So, this is my store. https://goo.gl/0XkrN6 Go ahead, Don’t be shy, Check it out now!