Here’s to LIFE!

Here’s to mellow Mondays,
larger-than-life goals,
passionate pursuits,
and all-nighters.

To kindred minds,
intelligent talks,
compassionate hearts,
and good deeds.

To soul-deep connections,
patient loves,
tender moments,
and unbreakable bonds.

To tight-knit families,
encouraging support systems,
shared secrets,
and proud legacies.

To unquenchable wanderlust,
earned vacations,
long-awaited trips,
and captured memories.

To treasured company,
leisurely evening strolls,
sun-kissed pavements,
and amazing sea views.

To abstract thoughts,
good books,
rainy days,
and hot coffees.

To Sunday sleep ins,
lazy brunches,
movie marathons,
and silent dinner dates.

Here’s to LIFE!

- Anusha

Originally published at on August 1, 2016.