anusha sukumar
Jul 31, 2018 · 2 min read

Is it wrong for a Mother to take a break from work to spend time with her child ?

I am Anusha, from Fremont CA. I came to US from India in the year 2009 after marriage. But due to visa restrictions I was not able to work back then. Finally when I start working, I am with a toddler who needs my attention.

Working full time really stressed me out as the child is too little and am relatively in a new country trying to figure out how things work here versus from where I am from. I didn’t want to lose my identity and hence took a break from work so that I could spend time with my kid and also imbibe our originality while learning to adapt to how the culture is here in United States. We did have a great time together and my son is doing wonderful job growing up.

Now that he is in grade school level, and I want to also focus on my career, its getting very challenging to find a job.

The break that I have taken doesn’t seem to be received positively.

It is very stressful to realize that I have MBA degree, but am unable to land a job.

I understand that I have a break, BUT WHERE IS THE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY of all CEO’s ?

I request all of them to have a program for mothers who take a break for their children. Something like internship for young college graduates.

This way nobody fears about career and gives their full attention to kids, who are the future of the world.

I once heard someone say “Don’t expect the world to be a better place, instead you and I need to be the person who makes it a better place”.

For this to happen, don’t we have to teach the kids humanity and kindness ? Everything needs time and I took a break for that.

I see people like you making positive impacts and positive changes in the world ! And you are the ones who are sincerely concerned.

Please please please, have encouraging programs for people like me to not lose hope !

Thanks a lot !

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