Buy or lease your car online

In today’s world, owning a car is rather a comfort than a luxury. It is more about convenience than prestige and is seen more on the “must-haves” list than a “I wish I could have this” list for most people. With so many individuals and companies being in a dire need of a vehicle, simply for the convenience factor, there are many services that come to your rescue in such times. While buying a car is an obvious option, there are other not very known options that may be of your use. This article explores the benefits of those options!

If you’re considering of buying a car, you may be in a state of planning wisely as to which car you would like to buy. But it’s best to be informed that buying a car is just one of the many other options. Here’s something else you may want to consider: leasing a car!

Leasing cars in India may not be a trend followed by many people. However, car leasing services are certainly worth giving a try. Vehicle leasing has its own benefits. Have a look at the following points:

- It’s great for someone who would love to buy different cars in every few years as buying new cars frequently is not feasible for everyone.

- For those who cannot afford buying cars, Vehicle leasing is the best option as its monthly charges are usually lesser than the repayments of a car loan.

- It’s also an affordable option as car leasing services generally include road tax and maintenance and the warranty generally covers the period of the lease.

Car leasing in India is not limited to individual leasing only. Corporate car leasing is making it easier for the businesses who cannot afford buying and maintaining cars. A few benefits of corporate car leasing are mentioned below:

- Car leasing is a tax deductible expense.

- As mentioned earlier, the lease includes maintenance and road tax. The vehicle is repaired and regular checking is done by the leasing company itself.

- Car leasing services also, at times, arrange for drivers along with the car. Isn’t it great for the company as it doesn’t add to their work of resourcing drivers for the car?

With all these benefits, corporate and individual car leasing is definitely an option to be considered. And believe it or not, all this can be done conveniently online. There are so many services that offer the leasing process online. It’s something you must definitely give a try!