This blog post is co-authored by Anusha Ragunathan, Shrinand Javadekar, Corey Caverly, Jonathan Nevelson, and Rene Martin.

“In this world, nothing is certain except death, taxes and Kubernetes” — Anonymous

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Background and scope

TurboTax is the US market leader in tax filing software. Each year, TurboTax processes taxes for over 40 million taxpayers, including over 5 million desktop software users, over 10 million mobile users, and over 20 million online users. Over the course of the tax season, TurboTax handles millions of documents involving hundreds of billions of dollars, and performs 1.5 trillion service transactions.

Each year, TurboTax sees peak usage in the months of January as many taxpayers receive refunds; April, as they file their taxes; and October, as any extensions files come due. The scale, seasonality, and strict deadlines of tax filing revealed interesting infrastructure challenges of scale and performance. As of 2020, the majority of TurboTax’s supporting services run on Intuit’s Kubernetes platform. …

Anusha Ragunathan

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