How to Prepare for DU JAT 2017

Hi guys, my name is Anusha and I took the Delhi University Joint Admission Test in 2015. I cleared it and am now studying Bachelor of Management Studies at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (which is a real mouthful to say, I know).

You might forever be uttering these words hoping for a flicker of recognition in some random aunty’s face, but you will probably love it here too. Here are the super awesome Ultimate tips to crack the exam:

  • Study. Coaching centers like Pratham, IMS and Career Launcher know what they’re doing and the classes and material are pretty comprehensive.
  • In case you’re still in 12th and reading this for future JATs, focus on your boards first and join coaching for this exam later. Great board exam scores will open up a whole range of opportunities for you (but of course you already know that).
  • The 2017 exam does not have a group discussion or personal interview section. If it did, I’d have told you to read more, both because it would have helped you out with these and because reading is fun and better than drugs.
  • Take as many mock tests as you can. I am trying to prepare for CAT now and it seems like taking mocks is the ultimate way to hone your test taking skills. This refers to how calm and methodical you can be while under pressure. Do not fret.
  • Give it all you have got, but do not panic. Become a fatalist once you’ve done everything you can to prepare for the exam. After a certain point, it isn’t in your hands anymore.
  • You do not really need to refer to any books besides the coaching center material to give you the extra edge. In fact, I wasn’t even able to complete all the material provided to me by Pratham.
  • What you can do is brush up your business awareness and general awareness by reading the Economic Times or the business sections of news apps.
  • Do not slack. This advice is as much for you, dear reader, as it is for me. The effort you put in now will certainly reap rewards and you will be forever grateful to yourself for having done it.

Now, fun facts about the college

  • How are the people? Super awesome, super competitive. Every single person was a star in some activity or the other when they were in school. The most amazing thing is how everyone manages to find their niche.
  • Speaking of niches, we have a lot. There are around 29 societies that you can choose from. Whether you like practicing in Satanic rituals, pretending you are a part of a secret cult, do a lot of cold calling or writing, there is a society for you.
  • The teachers are cool but they know how to discipline you.
  • Take BMS if you’re not sure if you’d be suited to finance. Take BFIA if you are. Taking BMS might help you explore other options and then decide on Finance later on (which is what a huge majority of BMS settles on).
  • The number of opportunities you get on a daily basis are overwhelming and there will be at least three activities competing for your time in every break.
  • We used to have a really fancy gourmet Chinese place near our old building but now that we’re moving to the new one, who knows what food lies in store? People who stay in Rohini do. I am not one of them.
  • You will learn here how to make the best of the skills and resources you have. Just look at our sports teams. Their field is a wisp of ground but boy do they play the sports.

In conclusion, I hope the tips help (even though they are fairly general) and best of luck! I look forward to seeing you in college (if you do indeed want to come here).

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