My process of redesigning Strand’s website navigation based on information architecture.

Strand book store

I was provided with the brief of supporting Strand with redesigning its website navigation. The first steps I did was visit the store, and researched Strand online to find our more about their business model. Visiting the store helped me identify who the primary users for Strand’s services were. There were two types of primary users with Strand — the first were tourist’s who were attracted by its iconic location and landmark as the oldest bookstore in the city. When you walked into the store, the first few aisles…

Designing a web-responsive website

We started our process by putting together an opportunity statement to guide though the process as we explore the topic of hobbies. We believed we would improve the experience of exploring/discovering a hobby. People struggle today because they are overwhelmed with choices and don’t know how to pick something that meets their needs.

Competitive Matrix to understand the opportunity space within Hobbies

We created a competitive matrix to understand the opportunities that existed in the hobbies space. We noticed that most users either explored or pursues a hobby by themselves (solo) or in a group. They also either pursued this hobby online or in person…

Our journey to create a food navigation web-responsive website.

As we started our journey in exploring what ‘Food’ could be from the perspective of each team member we soon realized the diversity and range that lies within food. After two rounds of mind-mapping our ideas about food, we got more clarity about what area we would like to focus on. We arrived at wanting to explore the theme of ‘Finding food’.

Thinking out loud as a team to understand the scope of ‘Food’

This led us to our second step of narrowing down what problem within finding food we would like to explore. …

My process for creating a ‘remind me’ feature for the Apple Calendar App.

Assumptions table

The problem statement provided was — GA students who were busy through their day needed a feature on an existing time management app, that will help them better organize their time. Being a person obsessed with micro-managing your time, this was fairly exciting to me. I first laid out my assumptions- what in my opinion could come in the way of users organizing their time — my usual approach is to start listing out examples and non-examples under broader categories I had defined for the project. …

Anushka Pai

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