Features Of Online Document Storage System

Many users take it for granted that online document storage can allow the synchronization of the files on several machines. These files are saved up there in the cloud storage as the backup copies.

The Online Document Storage is also used to share the files among the co-workers in the company.

Most of the cloud service providers offer straightforward file sharing solutions with synchronization and file permission controls.

The sharing of files among multiple users can be difficult. A project group in the company might be there for the short duration or it might be for long term. Also , the project members are might all be in the same company or all around the world.

Whatever the nature of the group, the sharing, and synchronization services should provide the same version of the files, and the changes made by one user can not get overwritten by some other person in the group.

There are dozens of document storage services in the market but only few that are qualified to offer the operations that keep reliable track on the data. It is necessary that the online storage should provide the special features to the business accounts. The company should look for some important aspects before investing in the cloud storage services.

Following are some features which can help to purchase an effective document storage service for the company needs.

App For The Cloud Storage

Almost all the cloud storage services provide the desktop software compatible with the Mac OS and Windows. This software delivers almost all the functionality to the employees.

As these services rely on the desktop, the user must be convinced to download the desktop version. It additionally requires the necessary software to run that service.

The online document storage app like DocUp is now available for both iOS and android smartphones. The mobile app for the document storage provides the same platform as like the desktop software.

Even if the employees don’t have access to the office desktop, the files can be share and synchronized through the mobile app. But, the mobile app does not provide the function of restoring the older versions of the files.

Sharing And Synchronization

It is more important look for how the cloud storage allows user to share files rather than just file sharing. Some services allow users to share any folder including the nested folder within it while some allow sharing the individual file in the cloud.

The files stored on Online Document Storage has the limit for sharing the files among the multiple devices. The free cloud services allow the sharing and synchronization of the files between the two computers at a time.

The paid cloud storage allow synchronizing the file among all computers in the same network. This is the major advantage for the company that the employees can share the large files among themselves in the same office.

When the files are shared among the multiple users, changes might be made simultaneously to the files. This can create the conflicts. All the changes made to the files should get labeled by the user’s name. The cloud storage should keep track on the all the modification made behind the scene to the file or folder.

If in some case, the file faces the malfunction, the warning message should be displayed for whether to close or reopen that file.

Permission Control And Security

Sometimes, users share a file or folder with anyone. These unknown users do not have the account with the service provider. This outside user can also share the file or folder with others. This enables anyone to download the files from the cloud’s website.

The cloud document storage allows the user to set the access permission to the entire folder as well as to the single file. Some services permit editing of the file for all the users while some permits read-only access. The link expiration features also help to prevent the misuse of the file.

The permission control set the read,write, edit, delete access for the file which is shared with the multiple users. According to the different level of management, the access permission changes for the file.

For example, the file shared by the manager for the employee has a read-only access so that no employee can edit or delete that file. On the other hand, the file shared by the employee with the manager has all access(read, write,edit,delete). That is the manager can make changes to that file even delete the file.

The cloud storage services mainly aimed at protecting the user data against the third party access. The best cloud service provider offer strong encryption to the stored data. Strong information security measure always prevents that from server break-ins. Some services provide the password protection to the file. The authentic user with the password can only have full access permission to the file.

The Online Document Management is advanced along with the technology. It provides more security and reliability to the data stored in the cloud. It has played a major role in transforming the offices into the paperless environment and helps to manage the digital documents effortlessly.

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