Anushka Srivastava for 2017–18 IDC Rep

Hello friends! My name is Anushka Srivastava and I am running to be your 2017–2018 IDC representative.

A little bit about me…

After more than five semesters at Lynbrook, I am now more than halfway through my high school journey. Trust me, it has been an exhilarating experience. I’ve learned something new every single day, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities presented to me. To confess, I did not expect high school to be as amazing as it turned out to be, and I never thought that coming to school would give me so much joy. But it’s true. I have created so many memories on this campus and as an upcoming senior, I think it’s time I return the love I have received from Lynbrook. It is time for me to serve you.

By getting a chance to live in three different countries — India, Singapore, and the United States — I have gained a wider perspective on issues. I have interacted with students of various nationalities and learned to appreciate various cultural nuances and subtleties. Despite people’s differences, I am always looking for ways to unite diverse groups and to make lives more meaningful. Honestly, there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting new people. Over the years, I have developed interpersonal skills and I am ALWAYS excited to meet different kinds of people and share experiences with them.

My bubbly nature helps me workand enthusiasm help me interact and work better with all sorts of people. Through the years, I have become more adaptive, flexible, and proactive. I consider myself to be an action-oriented person with clear sight of my end goals. I believe that what makes me unique is my enthusiasm, positive attitude, and zeal to serve the Lynbrook community.


1) Has a genuine desire to SERVE

2) EXPERIENCED and has all the qualifications — ASB Commissioner for past two years; attended past IDC exchanges and meetings; officer of clubs on campus; has a ton of event planning experience: Coffeehouse Talent Show, Staff Appreciation Week, Silsilay, Kindness Week, Challenge Stigma.

3) WELL VERSED with how Lynbrook runs — very active and involved at school

4) 10/10 INTERPERSONAL skills

5) FOCUS will always be on YOU — Implement a grassroots initiative with more student inputs. There will be an anonymous form for any feedback or suggestions.

My Vision and Goals

IDC — I Do Care


I know that every individual is unique and has their own unique personality and opinion. I acknowledge this fact and value each one of you for who you are. Each and every single one of you contribute to create Lynbrook’s culture. However, it is not apparent at the moment. When asked what Lynbrook culture is like, answers generally revolve around high academic achievement, which should only be a small part of our identity. Lynbrook’s true identity lies in the diversity we have, and I want to bring this out to the world. I want to bring out all of our wonderful personalities and make Lynbrook more colorful, together. It’s time to bring some life to campus.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could leave YOUR LEGACY behind on campus? As the current student representative for Lynbrook’s renovation committee, I have already asked the architects to have space for student artwork to be displayed. What if you could create your own tile that could form a piece of our new infrastructure? Or help create a mural on a wall, or paint the pillars in the parking lot? I say, YES.


This is a powerful word with utmost importance to me. I want to unify all of us and help us reach a common goal. Do you remember Challenge Stigma? Challenge Stigma was an initiative that addressed mental health and stress on campus. How does another community engagement project sound? Through this you can be actively involved and help the community as well. Like before, a form will be sent out to have your input. I say, YES.


Have you ever seen or heard anything about FUHSD pride? Neither have I. This is because we don’t really have any. And this needs to change. Class pride is really evident in all of our individual schools, but we are lacking the bonds to connect us as a school and as a district. Let us also work to create better relations with CHS, MVHS, HHS, and FHS.

What if we had a Coffeehouse Talent Show for all of FUHSD? I have had a great time organizing this for the past two years at Lynbrook and it’s time to bring this unconventional event to the district level. This will create a kind of district family: a family of district pride, a family that supports each other. It also provides a great way to recognize the hidden talents of all students in the FUHSD and to make new friends.

Or what if we had a recognition rally with all the schools? Recognizing each other will bring our district together and create a sense of family that celebrates all of our accomplishments together.


My time in ASB for the past 2 years has really shaped me into who I am today. It has taught me the importance of clear communication, not only within small groups, but also within the student body. It’s also taught me how important transparency is between the student body and the leaders

“Increased transparency will lead to better relationships, better solutions and better engagement with the student body.”

Here is how I intend on increasing transparency:

IDC Website — My goal is to increase transparency not only within Lynbrook but also with other schools in the district. This will be easily done by having a website solely dedicated to IDC. The website will contain all relevant information for IDC — meeting agendas (so you know exactly what we are discussing), forms for getting charity organizations approved, forms for IDC exchanges, a calendar with all the events, and future plans. Everything IDC related would be centralized.


  • Bring it back!!! Work out the logistics in advance to avoid any conflicts.
  • Have team apparel for athletes.
  • Increase attendance by having incentives for attendees (ex: free LHS lanyards) + creative promo
  • Rewards for all athletes (collaborate with ASB rec and athletics)

Improvements for IDC EXCHANGES

  • Name tags for shadows and hosts
  • Provide the schedule of the host in advance so the shadow can be prepared for classes
  • Host LHS exchange on a tutorial day instead of block day
  • Have activities for shadows to do when hosts have tests

I feel I have the necessary mindset, skills, and aptitude to be your next IDC REP. I promise you that I will go the extra mile with a smile :)

Your vote really matters ❤

I am more than happy to answer any questions!

Contact me via email at

Or find me on fb:

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