Find your LEVEL in the chronological evolution of the world

Each one of us are discontent of the fact that we are caught somewhere in the wrong place i.e most of us live with the feeling that we are not at a level we actually should be.let’s discuss this discontent as a result of a chronological evolution .

As we all know,the world is always going through process of continuous evolution.This evolution of the world means a process of change towards a better world to live in.

The work which each one of us do is an unconscious effort to better the world.i.e.making the world a better place to sustain life and to give quality to that life.This quality life will work to preserve all goodness so that it can be carried forward to. This completes one level of evolution.many processes of such evolution result in chronology of evolution.

Now the question is….where do we stand in that chronology of evolution.Interesting is the fact that every life on earth needs to be feeded ,loved ,cared,grown with utmost efforts. i.e. possible maximum efforts to reach the maximum quality.The resources available to a feeder to sustain a life may be put at various levels.

Level 1. Even basic resources like food,shelter ,clothing,protection not available. here,one has to wander to accumulate them for himself just for mere survival.

Level 2.Basic resources available but one has to wander to accumulate basis necessities to sustain life.

Level 3.Basic resources and necessities available but one has to wander to bring quality to the sustained life.

Level 4.At this level ,the sustained life will be at the best possible state capable of preserving and passing on all the accumulated good things forward into the next evolution process.

Upgrading of a life from level 1 to level 4 is an evolution in itself.

The next evolution process will start with the the individual becoming a feeder to one more life.The individual at level 4 will be at at level 1 for the new life….. accumulating resources just for mere survival of the new life.

We all actually are at any one level among any of these four levels.comparing with upper levels can leave you!Are we actually doing work we are destined to do?

No!The available resources when we are born ie the previous level actually decides the work we will do throughout our lives.

Each one of us is destined to reach the highest level of evolution. However this can be facilitated by speeding up the whole process of evolution.This can be attained only by increasing the number of resources available to any sustaining life.

So!find your level,respect and value it ,as whatever you are doing is important for the world’s evolution as a whole.

Hopefully you are not discontent any more!!

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