Writing and Sharing

i just want to write.not bcoz i want to share it with the world or make it go viral or sth.jst bcoz i want these jumbled words in my mind to be transformed into a sentence..a meaningful one..

writing is about arranging those swarming thoughts in every nook and cranny of ur brain into an information.information is not only data.it can be a story or anything you could think of.

when you write of your fear,it may make someone realise”dude.i am not the only one”

when you write of a technology ,it may act as source of knowledge for someone

when you write of a restaurant,it may persuade someone to go treat their tastebuds

when you write of your success,you may become the driving energy for someone struggling out there in some latitude -longitude.

when you write of your happiness,it may bring a smile on someone who is drowned in sadness

when you write of you sadness,it may give someone a sigh of relief”ohhh!! my condition is not dat bad..infact i am happier then him”

so u can be a source ..a source of consolation..a source of. knowledge.. a source of. gratification.. a source of inspiration..a source of smile..a source of. positivity..and a lot more..

just those higgedly-piggedly words in ur mind can do miracles.it can change someones life.it can change someones perception of life.it can induce positive ions and can countermand all those negativities in someones life.

all you need is a pen and a paper or even a gadget will do. edward lytton rightly said “ a pen is mightier than sword” ..emphatically it is..when you write something its merely nt an. article its a part of you..its you..so just write woteva u want without even thinking of its worth..it may be a useless pyc of shit for you bt it may change someones life..jst do ur bit..and help someone drowning out there to come to the surface of the world..

writing can help you connect with the stranger sitting infront of his laptop somewhere in the world.words have dat power.

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