Aging gracefully

As I was reading a blog, outlining 25 things every woman should have by age forty, I was just trying to relate myself to each one of the sections. There is no denying the fact that age has enriched me in all the sections from breadth to breadth. I acknowledge,I have crossed 25 long back and will never go back. At fifty , I take the responsibility to act according to my age and never feign in,as a 20 year old.

There were certain things I could not do when in my 20s, that I would like to gladly take up now and confidently do them. Age has given me the confidence. Those who know me personally from my early childhood days know me as a shy, frail girl who used to hide from any public appearance, afraid of stepping outside of the self-created mental box. In my 20’s I never knew what I wanted. At this age today, I know what I want and value my worth, in my work and in my relationships.

Just because I am not 20 anymore doesn’t mean that I am not beautiful, splendid and amazing. The concept of glamour and my attitude towards myself changed slightly as I got older. I still remember those days when I use to spend time on homemade beauty treatments and to make myself look more presentable. Now at the age of 50, I see glamour and attraction from different angles. I don’t need to wear the tight mini dresses, skinny jeans, to go out for dancing or to expose myself to look pretty. An elegant saree/ salwar Kurta now is far more appealing and enigmatic for me at this age. With the right amount of makeup and attitude, I can be as glamorous and confident as any girl of 20.
 As I have moved from my 20s, to my 30s, 40s, now would be getting into the 50s , I have learnt so many lessons of life. With every passing year, I have learnt to accept who I am and just a little more. As I am progressing, it is more satisfying to keep knowing a little bits more of me and to remain being myself.

I still have some old traits of my personality and I am proud of it. I was taught not to hurt other’s feelings, I still follow it, though it sometime comes back to me in different shades. In the process of considering how others might feel about my opinions, I lose my own voice at times. I am still learning to have the courage to speak my mind tactfully to advocate for myself.
 I am in no way living a perfectly planned life. The path was, and is still full of twists and turns and rocky hills, but, it’s also full of values, passions amazing stories and experiences that shape me into my unique self. I am still growing and will have an existing journey ahead. Embracing it to the core!