Special Grade Steel Supplier in New Delhi

Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals

Products Offered By Us

Hot Rolled Sheets
 Boiler Plates
 C15, C45 Grade Steel

Cold Rolled Sheets
 SAILMA350, 410
 E-34, E-38 Grade Steel
 Hollow Section

HR/CR Coils
 TMT Bars

 Corten A, IRSM 41
 ASTMA Grades

Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals products have application in various sectors such as :

Power ,Nuclear Energy, Fertilizers, Petrochemical &, Refineries, Sugar, Automobiles, Dairy, Oil, Paper, Architectural, Textile machinery, Pharmaceutical & Chemical, etc

Our leadership has been achieved primarily through total commitment to ‘Customer Service’. You can have complete confidence in dealing with Shiv Shakti Steel & Metals that you will be obtaining the best material, delivery, value & service.

you can vist at www.shivshaktisteelmetals.com

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