What ANUS is all about — Putting community in the driver’s seat

Hi, I hope you’re well. My name is SushiSan, however that’s not very important once you understand what Akita Needs Ur Sushi is all about.

The ANUS token might sound like just another memecoin, but it’s much deeper than that. We’ve taken inspiration from Dogecoin, the OG of crypto memes and combined it with the almost socialistic idea of having everyone equally involved.

To elaborate on the point above, what we’re trying to build with ANUS token is a next-gen experiment on putting the community in the driver’s seat. So much so that there is no founding core team. Unlike other tokens, 100% of all ANUS that will ever exist will be launched into circulation on day one with no pre-sale or team tokens. The goal of this line of action is to allow fair distribution of the token and opportunities to participate in the community project. Most of the times, having team tokens just leads to unclear situations
on the use of the tokens. This issue does not exist in Akita Needs Ur Sushi.

Any tokens I own have to be bought from the exchanges, just like anybody else. The aim is to make the distribution as fair as possible. This also means that any tokens I have are my tokens and not team tokens.

As you might have noticed, the ANUS token relies on it’s community. In theory, this means that the sky is the limit. Studying the cryptocurrency market, it’s obvious that a strong community is a much more valuable asset compared to a centalized unmotivated team with a large part of the supply in their hands.

A word on the possible price volatility of the ANUS token. Since the token is traded on the free markets, anyone is free to buy and sell their positions as they wish. This may lead to huge upswings, but also downswings. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about the markets doing their job. The job of the ANUS community is not to focus on every possible swing in price, but to build and grow a prosperous community that shares the ambission of moving the project forward.

Going forward after the launch of the ANUS token, all of the developing and building will be done on the terms of the community. Anyone can make a proposal along with a plan, be it development, partnerships or even marketing. Naturally, it takes a while to build a passionate community and that is why I will be taking responsibility of most tasks until we reach that point. However, everyone is welcome to contribute to the project. As long as the community is happy with the proposal and the plan of action, it will get done. I want to see what can be achieved if we manage to harness the bright minds of the community.

To end this off, I am extending an invite to join the volunteer team. Together we can build something great. Let’s see how this goes!

Telegram: https://t.me/anustokenbsc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnusBSC

Website: Coming Soon



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Akita Needs Ur Sushi

Akita Needs Ur Sushi

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Next gen memecoin, powered by community and running on BSC. You’ll love ANUS *giggles*