I disapprove of discrimination of any kind, even the ones that are too small to observe and are passed around as “light-hearted” jokes. Generalization may or may not be warranted but when it comes to stereotyping, I think everyone deserves the benefit of doubt.

So, I belong to a metropolitan city in India. It is the hub of political power and houses the best infrastructure in the country. For us, everything has been just a call away. However, its air quality is the worst, natural life is negligible and the cultural life is the benefaction of the migrants. We simply don’t have a culture. The countryside is the exact opposite. It houses a rich natural and cultural life but lacks infrastructure and opportunities. There is a steep contrast.

I have an issue with the fact that this contrast is not restricted to only the way of life or distribution of income and wealth. It is made to percolate to other non-essentials. For example, we are branded mean, rude, immoral, uncultured and money-minded; apparently, we are all highly insensitive towards the other undeveloped parts of the country.

This is an unwarranted accusation. Sure, there must have been exceptions but other than that, these are just misconceptions. There is no one superior. We are all important and tiny pieces of a bigger world. So here’s the thing-

· We treat everyone equally, not all of us are class-conscious.

· Women here, or anywhere, are not easily available.

· We are not thugs.

· Not all men here, or anywhere else, misbehave.

· While some might be ignorant and unfortunately insensitive too towards you, there are others who are working to bring about a change.

You might believe in one thing, but that thing is not always true. You might witness one thing, but that doesn’t represent all of us. Exceptions are always there and everywhere. Let’s keep the judgments on hold. Break away from the stereotypes; they only bear hostility and envy.

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