New Beginnings

That first leap of faith is difficult to take.

We never know the outcome and it feels too risky to go ahead. The ‘what ifs’ bar us from attempting almost everything.

But what if the ‘what ifs’ are just a diversion? It is obvious that we look for new things in life zealously, with a childlike curiosity. The first step is to maintain that zeal and be consistent. As also, the first fear is of that zeal withering away and our falling back to square one from where starting from scratch would seem impossible.

The easiest way, in times of such doubts, is to accept that worst might happen. We can only be prepared as much. It moulds our brain and thinking in a similar fashion and no matter what we somehow take the blow, if any, comparatively easily.

Fear, doubt, suspicion, insecurity all form a part of the risk we are fearfully willing to take to embark on new beginnings, to take that first step.

Let them not cause hindrance.