The dire need to respect privacy

With so much news doing the rounds about how the governments nearly everywhere are tightening control over anything and everything you own virtually ‘in the public interest’, I find it impossible to keep it together. Imagine, you unlock your phone one morning and realize another contact has been added to your list of contacts without your knowing it. Preposterous!

This need to know everything about everyone is not just a thing at a large level. It has branched out from the roots of little curiosity which I feel should have been nipped in the bud. How many times it happens that people tend to eavesdrop into your conversations, read entries in your laptop while in airport lounges, or pop in to see the interesting screens of your cell phone! It is really an everyday phenomenon for me.

Why is it that we find someone’s life so interesting that we cannot keep our hands off of it? I mean what could you possibly achieve by digging into someone’s secrets. Secrets essentially and literally mean that they cannot be discussed. How hard can that be to decipher!

It seems like this overwhelming desire to know everything, especially when it concerns others, is out to cripple the beauty of mystery and more importantly someone’s private space. I think it’s time we realize that curiosity killed the cat and take it damn seriously too.