Parents and Children!

Most people dream after marriage. But the real thing is that, parents already had the life experience before the baby is born. An infant knows nothing but just enjoy the love and affection given by parents. And then parents let the child to have the life with schooling.
But have you ever thought of doing parenting in a way that gives your child a pressure?
NO! Nobody wants to hurt their children or to see them gets hurt. They do things by their best to make sure that the child is safe and happy. And how can they be sure that it makes their children happy? Nobody can predict it, just because they smile, just because parents do their best. It’s just the way that child gets it in his/her own way no matter how hard parents give everything to their child.

That small child grows up and become a teenager. Then even under the protection and love of the parents they try to find their comfort zone in mutual friends they meet at school or class.
Some meet the life time friends who keeps the true friendship,
Some screw up having the bad association and ruin the beautiful life that was given by parents. Where it cause a mess to the teenager and the family.
And some meets friends who are somehow manageable but unable to continue the friendship as they knows too much and ended up alone.
But everyone should know that in our so long life we meet people who will just come and go. And we need to manage the people who we associate. Without letting them to change who we are.

Whatever those matters, if still a child share their stories with the parents, parents can help the child to lift up and be bold among good and bad people. Because we can’t stop meeting bad people. We just need to know how to pass them without struggles. A child would never hesitate an advice if it touched their mind in a correct way.

The love life! Some are lucky to share those feelings with their parents. But some don’t. Even it is shared or not some stays happy and some don’t, some find the right choice some don’t. Parents may fear that the child will end up in a bad situation because a child know nothing and gives overly protection. It’s true. Because they just get exposed to the world. But in a mind of a child they think it as a burden.

Some children feels that it’s the only thing in the world. That love they meet at their young age is all they know. It’s not a crime to fall in love. Of cause it is a beautiful thing. But even so, might be a girl or a boy need to be wise about some matters that they won’t understand at first.
That’s why parents try to teach. Teach how it is like when you do things unnecessarily. And it won’t be easy as a parents to make them realize the truth. If a parent try it in a hard way or not there is a possibility that child learn from it or follow his/her own terms which may be right or wrong. Still that gives fear as a parent for sure. 
Everyone wish to have the blessings of parents.
A child’s mind is always filled with curiosity. So they starts keeping secrets and share with the mutual friends. Where again a child can goes wrong with wrong advises. Or saved by correct advises. A child may not understand it now, but later they will. There is a cost too. Because when the time they realize right from wrong it may be too late or not. That is more furious.

Parents need to hear out the child carefully. Some things may not be like their era. But before a parent put their temper, try to understand what child is thinking and is up to. Then it is easy to use the words to make that child understand. It’s not easy at times, parents are always parents and a child need to respect that.

Why many teenagers have secrets?
That’s when they don’t have anyone to share or people around is too judging where there is a gap with doing and what others think of. Not that always they don’t have anyone to talk to, but might feel that no one is listening and that they are wrong. It’s the grid of a growing up child.
Some teenagers are being overly protected by not letting to do what they like. Some are just given the freedom to what they like. Banning to do what they like is not an option to protect a child. Should let them enjoy but make sure to keep the eye on them. But as a parent sometimes it ends up as the right choice.

When children grew up, they don’t like nagging. But parents do it just to make sure they are ok, because they loves them and to tell what they think of as they have better experiences in the society.
It’s not that parents are always right and it’s not that they are always wrong. Within so much consequences need to find the true answer. And giving chances is worth. They have come so far with things they learn, so will these children. To be honest I have seen much smarter children who has better understanding about the society even than elders.
Make a child to share their stories no matter how busy or how much parents don’t want them to do things they seems enjoying, but feels so wrong in parents eye. Even some children are given both options to take the risk or stay behind.
Still there are;
Children who behave well, by seeing good from bad with or without experience, And some who still select the bad even given the chance to experience or not. As a parent if you are able to identify it then it’s ok to get them under control.

“Something we haven’t experienced yet, is something that we are curious about”
Mid-twenties are much curious about more experiences of the life and risk. I think letting your child to have it is not a doubt.
May be our parents could or couldn’t enjoy it. Or they hate it because of bad experiences they had. But just because of that parents won’t stop the child. They are narrow minded, they see far more than a child do.
Parents love their children unconditionally, still if they do not let them, they will follow the wrong terms to get their chance. And sometimes child may lose the trust, the strong bond, and get lost too. And cause the conflict because a child’s curious mind is a storm. It is not that anyone did wrong. Eventually people find their highest heart beat in a path they need to experience. Small or big everyone does.

“Parents will be always parents And their child will be always a child to them”
It’s not fair or unfair, it’s how it’s given. When a child can’t do anything, parents will help them with all.
And when parents grow old and can’t do anything, their children do those to them.
It’s a sharing and caring life.

Parenting is absolutely a hard thing. Because it is never a similar story from one parent to another.
“It’s just two stages of ages, trying to live in same age”

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