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Basics of Business Analytics

Business analytics is the practice of iterative, methodical exploration of an organization’s data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis. Business analytics is used by companies committed to data-driven decision-making. It is about using your data to derive information, insights, knowledge, and recommendations. Businesses use business analytics to improve effectiveness and efficiency of their solutions.

Analytics has progressed from simple descriptive analytics to being predictive and prescriptive. Multiple components of big data analysis include data mining, machine learning, web mining, natural language processing, social network analysis, and visualization.

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

Python for Data Science

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’Tis pouring down heavily, again

My heart & surroundings are wet in vain

Not so long ago, there was a time

We drenched together in our prime

In all our senses, we drove out in rain

Samosa & Tea at roadside tapra! voila, it was a bane

While rain hasn’t cancelled its season-cycle

Are we too grown-up, to find it a ridicule

ये कैसी है सज़ा
जो मिली तुझे
और भुगत रहा हूं मैं

सपने जो थे दोनों के
अब अधूरे
अकेले तोड़ रहा हूं मैं

मैं से हम दो
हमारा अपना
अब पुनः हूं मैं

written 8 years ago; seems immemorial

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torch-bearers lamented for mayhem

and disappeared in quick succession

leaving afflicted proletariat,

obfuscate in anarchy

what good have they brought upon themselves

oh! but why to repent foolhardiness

for it will bring no pacification

to their melancholy

sanguinary was lead by their malleability

now they have nothing left but vengeance

“तुमने बीज बो दिया..”

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जिस दिन तुमने थप्पड़ खाया

अपने पति से

अपने बेटे के सामने

और विरोध नही किया

तुमने बीज बो दिया..

जिस दिन तुम्हारे बेटे ने

बदतमीज़ी से बात करी

तुमसे, और अपनी बहन से

मगर किसी ने प्रतिकार नही किया

तुमने बीज बो दिया..

जिस दिन तुमने सुना अपने बेटे को

दोस्तों के साथ

कॉलेज की लड़कियों पर मानहर करते

और, उसकी संगति पर एतराज़ नही किया

तुमने बीज बो दिया..

..और आज वो बड़ा होकर

लिप्त हो रहा व्यभिचार में

उत्पीड़न में,

शोषित वर्ग के शोषण में

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Why don’t you come back to my arms

Where i feel most secure without any harms

For all sweet memories that stand

To bear them now is beyond my command

Your one innocent smile

Which vaporizes my anguish

Your one serene touch

Which soothes my bullish

What a happy happenstance ’tis with you

Even scorching sun milds for a few

I hanker for you and i do it often

As my despair doesn’t soften

Forecasting and Decision Making, the Statistical way

  • In this series, I will be sharing notes and my comprehension of the ‘Engineering Econometrics’ course I pursued on NPTEL.

Upon embarking my journey towards Data Analysis, I felt need to explore the theoretical conceptualization of statistics and quantitative analysis. I undertook few courses for statistics and linear algebra, but Engineering Econometrics struck a chord, and I think this series will benefit non-math background students/enthusiasts to serve as a ready reckoner for the theoretical, academic jargons and definitions.

Econometrics is the quantitative analysis of actual phenomenon based on concurrent development theory and observation, related by appropriate methods of inference. …

Anvesh Mishra

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