5 Brilliant ideas to create Social Media posts

1. Use letter spacing and line height to make your text fit your page

While designing your posts you need to keep in mind the letter spacing and line height of the text as needs to fit into your picture. your social media posts should not have too big a text which does not look bad to the user's eye. Selecting correct letter spacing and line height is an important aspect while designing your posts. it should look appealing to the user's eye.

2. Use contrasting typefaces

Use of contrasting colors while designing your social media posts is an important aspect to attract users to your page. Use the correct color scheme for your pictures is important. It should not look like a mismatch the color should be related to the topic you have chosen the picture color and text color should be contrasting that catches the eye of the user seeing your posts.

3. Placement of the text is Important

A graphics designer needs to keep in mind that text placement should be paced in such a way that helps the viewer of the post to read the message clearly. one tip is that break your lines of text in a rhythmic pattern so that it doesn't make your post look bad and unesthetic.

4. Strong graphics with the use of saturation and a bold typeface

One of the key elements while designing a social media post a designer needs to keep in mind is that should use strong graphics and with the application of saturation and bold typeface in the images. The picture used should be contrasting and also the text use. Bold typeface helps to catch user eye easily. Strong graphics with the use of saturation plays an important role while designing a post.

5. Use shapes to create contrast and offset your text from your background image

Shaping your text is an important aspect that a graphic designer must use while designing images as it helps to highlight the text and also helps to covey the message easily. It also does not dilute the content with the image used in the background. It looks appealing to the user seeing the customer. But you should select the text shape as per the picture being used.



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