5 Newsletter Designs to Inspire You

anvi bajaj
3 min readJun 27, 2019


Newsletters are one of the world’s most powerful marketing instruments. They can be used to communicate with your crowd, create brand recognition, start afresh product or service, drive sales.

But all newsletters are not developed in the same way. You need more than excellent material to maximize the efficiency of your newsletters. You need excellent design as well.

Here 5 examples that will inspire you while you create your own newsletter. The Graphic Designing Institute in South Delhi will help you in making these designs.

1.Apple News

AIf you use your newsletter to encourage content, such as blog posts or articles, take an Apple News design nod. This daily round-up of favorite news picks from publishers keeps it simple — but visually impactful — with each story’s engaging picture, headline, short summary, and outlet logo. Also, by changing the pictures, Apple keeps stuff interesting; some are black and white, some have color pops, but they all catch your attention.

A mixture of color, headlines, and shocking images makes a newsletter attractive. Use one of Canva’s newsletter templates to recreate the look.

2.Google Home Mini

You need plenty of room when you have a lot of distinct components in your newsletter design; otherwise, it looks like a large, cluttered mess.

In this email newsletter layout, Google Mini makes great use of white space. The layout looks spacious and balanced, although a lot is going on, in the shuffle no portion of Google’s message gets lost.

When it comes to designing newsletters, less is more at times. Use whitespace to your advantage (like Google!) with one of Canva’s templates.


The 20% off coupon from Aeropostale will be a big draw for their magazine readers, which is why they made it the visual focus. But this newsletter design’s true star? The typography. The visual hierarchy generated by the various text dimensions draws attention to the discount and adds graphic value to the combination of the bold sans serif font with a more stylish, whimsical script in the header.

It’s important what you say (also known as your copy), but that’s how you tell it (also known as your typography). Use one of Canva’s pre-designed templates.

4. Fossil

You want your email newsletters to be on brand. But if there’s a holiday around the corner, you also want to show your festive side! Fossil nails that balance with this Christmas newsletter, which includes a Christmas illustration in the brand’s classic, minimalist fashion.

5. Grammarly

When it comes to design, sometimes simple is best. Grammarly’s newsletter design is extremely simple, but it’s also extremely effective, thanks to the fun illustration, the clear call to action, and the proper use of white space (which creates a balanced, spacious feel in the design).

So here some newsletter design ideas which are being looked upon by a lot of Graphic Designers Delhi. I hope they will help you when you design your next newsletter.



anvi bajaj