5 Ways to Design Awesome Posters

1. Use color to Create Energy, Elicit a Mood and Attract the Eye

Color is one of the most important aspects of the design that’s wide open. Colors will help to create energy, elicit a mood and attract the eye the audience. Depending upon the poster subject, the colors will be bold, subtle or romantic. You can really play with colors while designing a poster.

2.Create a Visual Hierarchy

Working with all the resources in your design toolbox which includes color, contrast, typography, spacing, and other basic principles to organize and prioritize your content while making the poster. Visual hierarchy helps to establish a focal point, giving viewers an entry point to start navigating your design and showing them where the most important information is. You must rank your information in order of importance.

3. Experiment with Typography

Through fonts, you can convey your message so easily. You can show the seriousness with a bold sans serif, and you can enhance elegance with an italic serif or express playfulness or fun with a loose handwritten font. While selecting fonts, you must choose at least two fonts — One for the headline. One for body copy. Play with fonts to create a great impact. If you experiment with typography then make sure your accompany fonts that are clean and simple.

4. Remove unnecessary Elements. Say more with less

While making a poster don't fill up the poster with too much content as it looks messy and the viewer will not get attracted to the poster. Sometimes, less content is more. It helps to intrigues the viewer. With the use of a single word or dramatic image can communicate so much more than lots of words or intricate photos or illustrations. Don’t add extra graphics or words just for the sake of adding more information.

5. Use shapes to Create Visual Interest:

While designing poster the use of shapes creates the viewer They create guidelines that lead the reader’s eye around the poster. Whether the poster contains text or an interesting composition helps in leading the viewer’s eyes in a particular direction. You can create interesting areas in your design by using shapes. Break it up by using rectangles that can act as frames.



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