What happens in Pokhara, stays in Pokhara!

So, yes, we finally reached Pokhara and after negotiations with guest house owners, we got a deal of 500 INR for a room near the lakeside. Yay for the deal, but, the place which had tourists thriving at one point of time had turned relatively deserted. They say it is because of the earthquake that had happened; I wonder how people have overlooked the raw beauty of this country because of a small scar.

The room was pretty decent; it had two queen size beds with clean sheets, a bathroom with hot water shower and an amazing view of the fish tail peak from the window – hell, this was luxury. We cleaned up and left to get some food, momo and noodles again, then spent some time around the lake. We hired a row boat and explored the forest area on the opposite end, a must do, it is better than going to the over-crowded temple at the centre. Oh, and also taste the water from the natural spring, it is refreshing!

Anyway, this is the entire touristy thing we ended up doing. Thanks to a friend I knew through a friend whose native is Pokhara; we set out to look for a local alcohol that he mentioned is famous in Nepal. It is called Tungba and we never could find it. People were astonished when we asked them if they serve it, even the small shady places behaved like we had asked for ecstasy. So, we did not find Tungba, but the friend mentioned of a local bar we could go to experience Pokhara's nightlife.

Red lips and hair let down, we were all set to go live it up tonight. The Busy Bee was at the opposite end of our hotel and I am glad we walked all the way there. That particular lane of Pokhara was nothing short of a street in some place like Thailand or Bangkok. It had a young crowd, lots of bars, cafés and lounges ; there was an option for everyone – the ones wanting a peaceful evening to the ones wanting to dance all night. Today, we belonged to the latter.

When the waiter says that they serve 1 free cocktail on order of 1 cocktail during happy hours and the happy hours will be getting over in the next 15 minutes, you order a total of 10 cocktails, minimum. Us two girls were going to let go today.

'Girls just wanna have fun'

Chelsea was playing against Leicester, the live band was singing to Coldplay and I was on my 4th cocktail for the night. The other girl was busy cheering the band, sitting near the stage and stirring her drink. I was watching Chelsea win – damn!

But then someone smiled at me, I was tipsy, but I did see him lsmiling at me. Black shirt, brown eyes and a charming BEARD – the bartender was one hot chap. I smiled back, I was in love already :p But before I confess my feelings, she took me to the dance floor. Initially,a few of us started with some weird moves, but, in no time the space was full of people dancing their guts out. We met new people on the dance floor, we had spontaneous conversations there and we had some bollywood requests playing. To add to it, the guitarist had finally got his pony tail off, he showed off his long hair while performing flawlessly. I was dancing but I did notice my friend engaged in a talk to a guy who had approached her on the dance floor. I could see the bartender watching me, I was looking at him. See, I think I understand what a person thinks of me by the way he/she looks at me. I have seen that look before. I know there is some attraction. So, I walked over to him to start a conversation which happened to be between him, me and an American. It was one of the best club conversations I have ever had.

“Hey, can you make me any drink” – I

“Anything particular” – Him

“I don’t know, you can make me any drink of your choice” – I

“Excuse me” – American

“Yes” – I

“You know what, I feel bad that I am not on the menu or else I would have asked him to offer me to you” – American

<blush><blush> - I

“Oh, but I love him” – I pointing at the bartender

-Everyone laughs-

Bartender hands me the drink.

“Do you take INR?” - I

“This one is on the house” –Him

“I definitely love you. When do you get done here?” - I

“Haha, it gets late. How long are you in Pokhara?” - Him

“Leaving tomorrow” - I

“So soon? I get done after the club closes down, say by 11” - Him

“Will cya. Thanks for the drink” – I

I went back to my friends, we danced throughout the night and we walked down the hotel. The night ended abruptly for me, with no closures, but that was the part which made the night even better. I do regret not waiting up for the bartender (soon we will be doing a finding bartender in Nepal). I think I have a problem with confronting people I am attracted to, I get nervous to do so. While I was happy with my silly fling, my girl-friend had a new friend walking her down till the hotel. Something more than a fling might happen there eh!

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