How can you contact Hotmail Account Recovery team

How to contact Hotmail Account Recovery team (888)-886–0477 For your Hotmail Account Recovery and other issues.

How can you contact the Hotmail Account Recovery team?

Hotmail is a web-based suite of contacts, webmail, contacts, and the services from Microsoft. This was founded in 1996 as Hotmail. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997.

1. Contacting with the Recovery team of Hotmail is quite easy if you face any issue. For contact with the team of Hotmail, you can directly call the representatives of the Hotmail Account Recovery team by calling on the number xxxxxxxxx and they will directly contact you by providing various tactics too sole your query and to resolve your issues.

2. Another method that you can opt for contacting the Hotmail Account recovery team is by emailing them your issues where they will get back to you with a perfect and a sold solution to your problem.

3. You can also send a message to the team of Hotmail account recovery and they will assist you in the best possible manner and with the relevant tips that will make you satisfied and happy.

4. Direct contact can also be made by going to the support page of Hotmail. Many queries and the frequently asked question will be present there and you can find your queries out of them. if in case, you are not able to find your query or issue in those frequently asked question, you can search for your issue by writing that I the search bar that you will find at the top of the support page.

Let us now have a look at resetting the lost password of Hotmail and the steps for Hotmail Account Recovery:

1- Open the password reset page: You have to first open the page of the password reset in your browser.

2- Check the “I forgot my password” box: Now, you have to check the box named “I forgot my password” which you can find at the top of the page.

3- Click “next”: You will find this option at the bottom of the page and you have to click it.

4- Enter your email address: The next step demands for typing your Hotmail email address that you want to reset the password. You can also enter your skype or phone number if any of these is linked with your account.

5- Enter the verification code: Then, you will be asked to enter your verification code in the box that is present below the email address field into the “Enter the characters you see”. You will find this near the bottom of the page. If you want to reset the code, you can click new. The letter and the numbers present in the verification code are case-sensitive. Click next.

6- Select the account reset option: Click either email or text on this page. If the backup phone number is not registered by you, you will just find email here. If both the options, email and the phone number is not registered to your account, you have to click on the “I don’t have any of this” and click next. Enter your backup email and follow the on-screen instruction. This may be a help to get your account back.

7- Enter the email address or phone number: Just type the email address below the option of email or you can also type the last four digits of your phone number under the option of text.

8- Click on “send code”: you will find the blue button at the bottom of the page. Click on it and you will be sent a recovery code to your phone number or email address.

9- Retrieve the recovery code: You can open the recovery email address by selecting the email and noting the code or opening the messages app on your phone and noting the code form the SMS that is received. You have to enter the code and click next.

10- Enter a new password: Type the new password and click next and you are done.

So, these are the ways by which you can contact the Hotmail Account Recovery team.