Think you can make it to IIT?
Aditi Avasthi

If you are topper of a class of 60 students then mind you there are more than 20,000 such classes in the JEE world. (Assuming 1.2 million applications). So you are just one among these 20,000 toppers, and if you want to beat students who are above your IQ level or have more exposed to the subject then you, then you have to play very smart. You have to work on each and every point which leads to score improvement. The best example is Australia beating Indian side in a recent Cricket series, (I believe Indian players are more naturally gifted as they are selected from a population of more than 1.2 billion) but Australian Team worked on every single thing which leads to gain in the match, whether it is Batting, Bowling,Fielding,running between the Wickets or creating mental pressure on the opponent.

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