A Sink That Never Drains

Saffron Squad

Quite recently I was introduced to proposition, a method of engaging the ‘I’ consciousness in me. I sighed at the arrogance of human nature to assume that such a ‘simple’ method could deliver as promised.

The ‘I’ consciousness is what a person is; some are arrogant, some greedy, some like to blame, some just like to pretend that they’re at the center of the universe. But my personal favorites are those whose astral self dwells in the ‘I’ consciousness but their physical selves exist on this plane.

I’m probably a very judgmental being, or maybe just a highly observant one.

Maybe both? Can we argue that humans are inherently inclusive to all natures and maybe more?

In our teens our way of thinking and perceiving information is constantly worked upon by external factors. With better access to information the scope to become influenced is broader.

But a person’s thoughts are ‘sculpted’ by many institutions simultaneously, and the limitations of our perception help shape all received information into our thinking.

As a result is it possible that human beings only develop a portion of their entire ‘self’, depending on how exposed they are to the universe? Is it possible that we can develop into our entire selves if we become aware of the ‘I’ consciousness, that is everything in existence?

Meditation (pron. Meh-dee-tay-shun) is possibly the most powerful practice to become more receptive of our ‘I’ consciousness. The current notion is that this art form requires rigorous maintenance of posture and this turns off a lot of people willing to practice, but wishing to commit differently.

This is where the ‘institutionalization’ of thought comes in.

For over three generations we have lived free of the British Raj, but they left us with a rather, fucked up inheritance.

Meditation has been reduced to something only for those ‘seeking to choose/find god’ or ‘empty their mind of all but peace’ — the former being shunned by atheists and the latter being something above everyone’s ego. What they have never chanced upon, simply because they don’t think is, “how can I know for sure?”

It was this very thought — how can I know for sure — that made me consider the initial proposition: a high dose of LSD, with a mind willing to participate without judgement or reservations.

Jellyfish Atop The Cosmic Sea

A behemoth-sized ocean wave paralyzed me as my living consciousness was swept off the foundations of existence. The feeling was one of inner-psychedelia, wherein a single drop of flame seemed to illuminate a derelict path. At first an overwhelming feeling envelopes every sense, and the body begins its upward spiraling ascent by vibrating faster. Things become harder to focus on the way we want, but there seems to be a sharpness in everything. A clarity of sorts. Like a beautiful butterfly, the outer self begins its journey inside your mind, as if your body were the cocoon.

The process is the inverse of what we expect, but then again where is existence without duality?

Extraordinary visions envelop you, although it’s nothing you see with your two eyes. A semi-circular rock assumed the shape of the Buddha, and I placed myself at its feet. With the earth spirit in full joy, some of my most intimate thoughts came to light.

What we see and perceive is what our understanding can make of it. Think of yourself as a radio receiver, you have multiple broadcasts to receive from but you receive depending on the frequency you are attuned to. You see a chair as a “chair” when you’re a mature adult is because that’s all you can make of it. Ask a child what he think of it and a throne or an automation to time travel is among the many things he can make of it.

Meditation is when your thoughts are focused on nothing and everything at the same time.

You can do what you love doing and still be meditating because your mind is an inexhaustible source of energy and thought. An experienced surfer experiences something similar when his soul is attuned to the ocean. As he masterfully glides inside the tube of a wave, his existence is in everything and nothing, he and the wave have become one.

A guitar player, high on the ganja, and with his instrument plugged into a fuzz box, zones out into another realm as he treads on a long guitar solo. He and the sonic intensity of his guitar have become one.

As is everything and nothing.

The duality of existence.

Every soul has their own practice of meditation.

Gautama Buddha and Swami Vivekananda took the hard way with their dedication to penance and meditation, creating the basis of the school of thought for modern day practitioners.

Tantric sex (intercourse of a higher conscious state) is possibly a similar experience. As both partners orgasm, they become everything and nothing, while being highly aware of each other and themselves.

In a way, it’s self-awareness to a level where the illusion of being perfect is worked on. It stirs in the person an emotion to become a better, and more conscious human being so they can enjoy another person’s company without presuming or judging.

So who says that to meditate you need to sit down in the padmasana position and try to recreate the geometry of a perfect lotus below us? A perfect lotus is a symbolic representation for everything to do with the ‘I’ consciousness. Meditation is the art of attaining clarity, which makes the person happy and content. The path someone took to achieve the higher consciousness isn’t procedural for all others to follow, but instead it illuminates one of the many ways to do it.

Simple as that.

Life’s too complicated as it is